Futuristic payment ecosystem and infrastructure, built for the modern economy

Power up your business with open access APIs that enable innovation and a whole-new payments experience. Indepay provides a unique ID that integrates seamlessly with a customer's phone number to provide a uniform payment experience across merchants. Going digital has never been more rewarding!

Powering a payment revolution

We enable businesses to easily create and build applications that requires access to financial system and unique identity of their users.

We build an integrated financial platform serving payment solutions between Customer, Merchants, and Bank Institutions. Bringing them into our seamless network.

The Most Developer Friendly Payment Stack

An easy to deploy full-stack infrastructure made for developers who want to create financial systems that work for everyone.

We have built a comprehensive modular architecture that reduces go-to-market time, improves stability and provides readily deployable infrastructure.

Unlock Global Opportunities

A complex integrated financial platform serving payment solutions for everyone, end users to
large institutions & corporates.

Accelerate Through New Payment Channels

Providing users with an intuitive platform that brings together all their accounts and makes money management and financial planning easy.

Evolving Your Business to the Next Level

Enabling enterprises of all sizes to manage end-to-end business finances but connecting their accounts to a single app, and also making it easier for their customers to make transactions anywhere, any time.

Making data and technology work to your advantage

Creating a next generation of savvy businesses and digital consumers to enable new use-cases. With the Indepay ecosystem, it’s easy to not just acquire and activate new business but also improve transaction volumes, value and flow through our one-click checkout, recurring payments and other path-breaking solutions.

Give your business the digital superpowers!

Going digital has never been easier. We built the Tara Merchant app to simplify not just payments but the entire customer journey, operations, inventory, billing and general management. The Tara Merchant app is a one-stop solution to all the digital needs of a modern business.

Next Level Payment System

Our payment technologies bring your purchasing experience to the next level

Blazing fast one-click checkout across merchants and apps

Built to reduce transaction times, drop-offs and improve merchant payment realizations, the Indepay Checkout experience is truly one of a kind as it brings together bank accounts, merchants and apps in one seamless experience that never stops rewarding!

Take the fuss out of recurring payments

With Indepay Collect, merchants of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of a recurring payments infrastructure that’s designed for ease and stability. With Indepay Collect, merchants can integrate hassle-free and start collect payments at the touch of a button

Our Beliefs

Be a part of innovative journey to make digital payments experience in Indonesia to surpass the world. If the very idea resonates in you, it's time for action!


No idea is a bad idea unless proven otherwise. Our peer-reviewed workflow is witness to some of the most unique ideas that initially seemed too good to be true. To offer truly cutting edge products and services, our thought catalogues engage with the ideas that most wouldn't dare touch.


We are driven by the notion that transforming our industry will make life better for customers and businesses alike. We’re creating an innovative banking, payments and rewards network so that you can focus on creating value and not just money.


If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll get what we've always got. In a constantly evolving world, dreams take on new meaning every day. Our aim of providing state-of-the-art technology to our partners and consumers thrives on inputs from a spectrum of participants. There's a reason Indepay is Indonesia's most trusted fintech service.


Our aspirations are unconstrained, but our work is done in small, specialized teams that thrive on collaboration. We have focused and driven folks who believe that the devil is in the details. For us, exceptional is the norm and not the anomaly.

Join Our Rocketship

The mission to revolutionize business finances with technology is an ambitious one that requires more than just hard work. We’re growing fast and looking for co-creators to join our rocket ship. The best folks share our beliefs in open ecosystems, build with purpose, have a bias for action, and want to create impact.

Let's Get Started!

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